Extreme measures

Today I had one of those luxury runs that just feel good everywhere. I ran a 5km tempo run yesterday, so today I decided to postpone intervals to another day and just cruise for half an hour and enjoy looking at people in the park. The rain was pouring down, and in the park, a gigantic outdoor movie screen was being taken down. The audience seemed to take it well, all things considered. Danes are cool that way.

What does this have to do with extreme measures? Not much. But I’ve discovered once again, that not eating sugar can be a bit of a buzzkill. Summer holiday means lots of social eating, and in my family, that means muffins with the coffee, dessert after dinner and a piece of chocolate every now and then. I don’t complain when I’m served white bread, or sauces or dressings with sugar in them. but when I’ served ice cream for the third day in a row, I discretely just eat the fruit and leave the ice cream. My family are all super nice about it (most of them anyway), but it just struck me: is not eating sugar in any way extreme? I really think it shouldn’t be.


BTW I’ going to experiment with ice cream made with just milk, eggs, cream, and fruit (No added sugar). I’m going to start with banana, and then try to reduce different kinds of crushed berries and fruits to a concentrated syrup. I’m a bit curious to see how it works out.


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