Lost in the woods


This was supposed to be a straight line, but I couldn’t find the path. Around the 6 km mark I was completely lost. The paths were overgrown, wet and full of fallen trees. Actually they might not have been paths at all, and it was getting dark at this time. Creepy feeling, although I was literally just 1km from the road. Thankfully I don’t watch horror movies.

I’ve been visiting my mother in Nøtterøy, Norway, and the forests here remind me why I started running as a kid, (and why I stopped when I moved to the city). It’s like a fairytale. It’s very hilly, and the paths here range from animal paths to dried up rivers, deserted foresting roads and hiking paths. The landscape changes from season to season, and from year to year. No wonder I loved the fantasy genre as a kid: These forests are the perfect background.

For instance, I went horse riding one day, and there were two deer jumping around me in in a big grass field while the sun was setting. Other places are dark and scary, with rock formations that look human made but aren’t, or inaccessible overgrown paths. Copenhagen, where I live, is flat and very densely populated, so I have a built-up need for wilderness.

All in all a great week. I’ve run over 35km, and my legs feel fine. Running on pavement will be a let down after this. Pavement is a trail runner’s treadmill.



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