Rough trails


I have been doing a lot of this lately. I’m visiting my mother for a bit of summer vacation, and I’ve been running in the woods every day. My favourite route is one that rises 70 meters in about 800 meters distance, with very rough terrain. The view from the top is just breathtaking. I didn’t stop to enjoy it today, though. I was setting a new “course record”.

This will not mean much to anyone but me, but I reached the top in 5:47, and did the whole Seileråsen round in 16:55. Just for future reference.

My wife has joined me for some runs, and we and the whole family have doing cross-fit in my mother’s garden. It seems we are turning into one of those crazy fitness couples.

Most of the trails I run are full of roots and rocks, and the great thing about these kind of trails is that they’re actually very easy on the legs. I can work up a high pulse without my legs getting tired. I’m still looking for some kind of cardio cross training. We bicycled 20 km today, and it was OK, but it’s just not my favorite sport. Maybe if I work on my crawl a bit, I can get some good exercise while swimming?


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