Zombies, run!

zombiesrunAfter a couple of years of listening to me talk about running, it seems my wife has finally caught the running bug. She’s not into the whole barefoot thing like me, and it was actually the treadmill at her gym that set her off. She is more of a numbers person and a lot more competitive than me, so she doesn’t enjoy running with me so much.

Now she has introduced me to a running app called “Zombies, run!” for Android (or iPhone). My old phone runs on Android 2.2, so sadly only the 5k version is available for my phone. That’s no good, so I borrowed her phone and did a “mission” today, and it was hilarious.

Basically it works like any other running app, tracking your mileage and speed, but instead of just saying “distance: 1 kilometer, duration: 5 minutes and 9 seconds” you get a full scripted story about a chopper being shot down in the middle of a zombie-infested area, and directions to run to the surveillance-station to assist fellow agents. You can run in any direction you want, but usually you can imagine some visual target fitting the description as e.g. “the old water tower”. From there a whole story unfolds, and in regular Intervals you get instructions to speed up to escape brain-hungry zombie hordes. As you go you collect items that you can use (while stretching out) to build your base in typical role playing style. In between the radio chatter you can listen to your own favourite gloomy electronica playlist.

Silly as it seems, I got carried away on a couple of sprints. And the best part: you look like any other jogger in the park.

All in all not a very serious coaching app, but a fun way to get some free intervals done, and really push those sprints. Just remember to keep one earbud out while running in traffic.


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