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jurekJust finished Scott Jurek’s autobiography “Eat and run”. I am addicted to books about running. Usually I get so excited to go running after a couple of chapters that I get a couple of weeks’ running out of a single book, but this one was finished in 24 hours (during which Scott Jurek could have run over 260km). Mainly because one third of the book is filled with vegan recipes, but also because each chapter is so short it reads like a Dan Brown novel. Also because it’s well written of course.

Jurek grew up working on a small farm, and initially he started cross country skiing, which as a Norwegian I can easily relate to. Those athletes are pretty tough and compete in Olympic races up to 100 km. There’s even an Image of him finishing an American Birkebeiner. It’s hard to think of anything more Norwegian that the Birkebeiner.

I am probably never going to become a vegetarian, and definitely never a vegan, although I must admit I’ve eaten a lot of veggie burritos lately, and smaller portions of meat. But all the sprouted grains and fermented tofu is a turn-off for me. I should probably try it sometime.

Surprisingly, the book is kind of dark, and for all the peace and love-vibes he sends out Mr. Jurek seems to have some demons to outrun, and one hell of a competitive mindset. All in all an awesome and inspiring book, recommended to all humble joggers like me.

Another thing I’ve noticed lately is that unlike what my idea was, most successful ultrarunners are pretty fast at shorter distances like the marathon and even 10k. Pretty close to elite athletes in fact. Of course, some might say…

I went cross training with my wife and daughter in the park yesterday, at a free aerobics class called “Friskis & svettis”. It doesn’t translate well, but it means something like “fresh and sweaty” in Swedish. Just like with fartlek, Swedish words sound dirtier in English than they really are. My feet are a bit messed up at the time, and some light jumping around with a bunch of kids and ladies seems to suit me well.

I am also thinking of setting a new PB on the half marathon distance, and may try to do some fast 15k runs to find a good tempo. I can now easily stay under five minutes / km for ten km, and if I could keep that tempo for just a bit longer, I could start beating some of my less eager but more talented friends.


2 thoughts on “Read and run

  1. Fartlek always sounded funny to me when my coach would say it. He was the only European coach where I lived, nobody else would use that word, turns out I picked it up and is the word I use to say “speed play”.
    I don’t like short distances, I like long races, are more “tactical” if you may, or gives you more time to think.

    • I love running the longer distances too, but I seem to do a lot better at 5k and 10k than half marathon, according to Riegel’s formula. Might change with some more training… hopefully.

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