Find my what?


Just thought I’d do a motivational poster inspired by Remy’s world. The original design is not mine, though. I just added the text in parentheses. Not sure if I made excellent happen or not. Motivational posters are easy to make fun of. Sports gear commercials almost do the job for you. It’s like they just spray some random words on a scenic view and then check if it sticks with the focus group. Weird Al Yancovic has made it pretty clear what he thinks on the subject of using adjectives as adverbs. Now they are becoming nouns too. Cool.

This one is my own creation. I don’t know where the photo is from, but I hope it inspires you:


I had great fun running today. 1 minute fast running, 1 minute jogging, and repeat for about 5km. I just set my watch to beep every minute, Adharanand Finn style.

Screenshot from 2013-07-11 19:02:47

I also baked pita bread for the first time today. It seems any bread will puff up in the oven like a pita if it’s flat enough, even if the dough is wet, and made from whole grain flour. I think durum wheat is the “correct” flour to use, but I just used what I had which was rye. I always have a dough ready in the fridge, so this is literally the quickest way to get bread for breakfast. I bake it for about 8 minutes on maximum heat. Really easy to make and great to serve burgers in. Speaking of burgers, this is my go-to recipe:

The most important part in this burger recipe is to buy good quality minced meat, and NOT season it. Pickles, mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup has plenty of salt already. The original five guys burger is reviewed here. I got that same reaction from my wife, even if mine was served with whole grain rye pita.

And here’s my favorite Remy’s world motivational poster:



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