Are these for real?

Are these for real?

I see a lot of people around town with Nike Shox, and it might just be that I’m getting old, but i giggle every time I see them. It seems sometimes we consumers are on the blunt end of a practical joke. The new Adidas Boost-something with styrofoam in the midsole is not nearly outrageous enough to make the joke work, but now Adidas has fixed that with their new “Springblade” model. Apperantly a bunch of little feet do the actual running for you, so you can just relax while the blades spring you forward. Looks like a decent shoe if you get rid of the tentacles though…

It doesn't get sexier than this...

It doesn’t get sexier than this…

Does anyone remember Buffalo shoes? A lot of my classmates wore these German plateau shoes. They make you look taller, while signaling to the world that you like house parties. The only problem was they could easily break your ankle, and they looked hideous.

Anyway, back to the centipede running shoes: I found them on Runner’s World. They come with a special tong to remove chewing gum and a steel brush to remove dog turds. I think.

If you like these shoes, you can also check out this old post about the most gimmicky shoes, according to Birthday Shoes. Sadly, the link to no longer works. That was one great list.

About running: No blisters or aches since my morbidly exaggerated long run. My feet are tired if I walk far, but other than that, no soreness. Which is nice.


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