Fuelbelt Crush

Busy weekend means no running. I’m going out again tomorrow and I almost can’t wait. It feels like my legs were happy to take a break. Also, I’ve been resting on my laurels from last week.

There are many good fuel belts out there, but this one fit my needs and it’s relatively cheap. I am among the 17% or so who prefer one big bottle to two or more smaller ones. Smaller bottles are comfortable but are, in my opinion, a hassle to refill and keep track of. The big opening means you can refill the bottle fast and easy. I like this belt. The only drawback is that the pocket is too small for my smart phone! Plenty of room for keys, ID, credit cards and dried dates, but I had to buy an extra pocket for my phone. I’d probably give it a 4 out of 5. I chose this one because of the price, and it does the job. I plan to wear it to pieces.


I feel like I have to update this review. The red strap that holds the bottle in place (on the pictures above) is no good. It makes no difference if you tighten it, or how you wrap it around the bottle. I’ve even tried to wrap it several times around the cap. I’ve dropped the bottle on the ground a couple of times, when the bottle was full. It simply bounces out of the sheath. I’ve fixed it by sowing on an elastic band (the black one pictured below), but I just can’t give this belt a good score as long as I have to get out needle and thread just to make it work. It’s very securely attached now, so to anyone who’ve bought this belt I recommend this little fix. It makes a lot more sense to attach the bottle to the belt on the inside that the outside, to make the bottle sit as close as possible to the body.

I would love being an industrial designer! There are just so many products out there with one big flaw. Still a good looking belt.


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