Center stage

I just went off stage twenty minutes ago, after a great concert experience. Sometimes things just click. I got the chance to sing in front of a symphony orchestra and a huge chorus, and this time I really felt like the hero. I’m a lyric baritone, and as opera buffs may know it’s not that often baritones get to be leading man. At least if you’re not 7 feet tall and handsome with a voice made of stainless steel.

I attribute the feeling of elevation and success at least partially to a radically new way of warming up: Running, of course! A fast 20 minute run in heavy rain and wind right before the concert made me feel like Superman. And it must have worked because I got a 350 € raise after the concert. That’s a first.

I love running right now. I never expected it to be so useful. I can strongly recommend running before important work events, especially if you need to keep the nerves in check.

Now home for bean burritos and beer. :-)


4 thoughts on “Center stage

      • Thank you very much, I appreciate it! Glad you enjoy my witterings :) I like your blog too, I am not a musician but work at a music college so I find your insights into running and classical music very interesting!

      • I see. I feel like I learn a lot from running. Setting tangible goals, mental focus.

        Happy running!

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