Off the grid

Obviously I’m not off the grid. But I went for a two hour easy run without GPS today. The last 15 minutes I couldn’t help myself but had to check with Runkeeper if I could keep a decent pace. And I could. I’m a little bit addicted to my gadgets.

But the general feeling of peace and freedom from just running around aimlessly for two hours was great. I could take all the slower, rougher routes, do some drills, run backwards, or just enjoy running through deserted industrial areas in warm rain and the crowded park in sunshine. Also I’ve decided to not rush the long runs, but to just use them to get some easy mileage, and save the pain (or fun) for runs under 12km.

I love the idea of setting a time limit instead or distance. Less fuzz, and I know when I’ll be done!


This guy doesn’t like rain.


Rain. Natures own Hipstamatic.


Danish Oil and Natural Gas. No kidding.


I’m wearing my jazz shoes.


100% whole grain rye. Who needs all purpose flour?



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