Cross training, whole grain pizza and hoarding running shoes

pool_lysindfaldI went cross training with my wife yesterday. We did some cross fit exercises and went for a swim. Her gym is simply amazing. I think of becoming a member, but I am leaning towards just going once a week and paying for each time separately (cheaper). I am running most days after all. In the pool I did some swimming under water. It’s a strange feeling because you build up lactic acid very fast while staying completely calm, heart rate low. Very different to running. When I get to the end of the lane my whole body feels heavy. Running doesn’t make me tired anymore, but weightlifting and swimming just makes me want to sit down and relax.

Hard to get it completely round with only full grain flour.

Hard to get it completely round with only full grain flour.

I have lost another kg from my full-grain diet and am now at 80kg, which is sort of a turning point between overweight and normal for me. (I’m eating more or less as before, only no sugar or white flour.) I am reading Scott Jurek’s autobiography “Eat and Run”, and while I might never become a vegan, I can wholeheartedly agree that different foods make you feel different. I shared a home-made full grain pizza with my daughter yesterday, and after eating half of it I was so full I could burst. I usually would eat a whole pizza. I think the thing with sugar and fine wheat flour is that you can eat enormous amounts of it without feeling full. At least I can. The pizza dough worked well, but I can still improve my technique. It takes some extra work to get a whole grain dough flexible enough. If I wanted to lose weight fast, the pizza would probably be out, but I am trying to permanently change my diet, as opposed to “being on a diet”, so I need to find a way of eating that I am 100% happy with. So pizza is on the menu. So far my weight is slowly and steadily going down, and I don’t have to focus on it. I just live my one simple rule:

Minimize your intake of sugar and refined starch. Otherwise stuff your face as you like.

IMAG2162I am becoming a hoarder. Probably inspired by reading how people stock up on their favorite shoes before they go out of production, I went about and bought two more pairs of VivoBarefoot Neo shoes. I now have four pairs of this particular model. Actually, it seems like the Neo with the good, breathable mesh is going out of production, at least it’s getting harder to come by it. They have their shortcomings, especially they’re slippery on wet surfaces because the rubber is quite hard. But other than that I love these shoes. Still haven’t worn out the first pair which I bought two years ago.

The problem with finding good minimal shoes is that most stores don’t have them, so I’m left to ordering them online an then returning them if they don’t fit, or as I have done, find one that fits and stick to it. All of the other models I’ve tried (NB Minimus, Merrell) have been too narrow for my feet, so I’ve stopped looking. This time I accidentally bought one size to big, EU 46, and they fit me better than a size 45. I think this might be the first time in my life I have tried a shoe that does not squeeze my pinkie toe! After a few runs though, I feel the fit is not as good in the bigger size. In the tradeoff between pinkie space and snug fit I prefer a good fit. So I returned the pair that I haven’t run in.

But all in all, I’m set with Vivobarefoot shoes for the next many years.


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