Another 21.1km training run.


I’m so proud I almost posted it on Facebook.


I’m faster in the shade, even when it’s uphill.

This is becoming a habit. My plan is to make 21km feel like a “normal” long run. I’m sure I’ll make it, but today did not feel normal at all. Started with tired legs from sprinting two days ago, and it was hot today. I managed to keep a 5:30/km pace until about 10km, then considered giving up, drank a bottle of Coca Cola, continued slowly, and finished with good form in 2:08.

If every run felt like this I would not be running. Sick of running right now. Need two days off at least. Time for a swim!

My new FuelBelt water bottle worked very well, review coming.


3 thoughts on “Another 21.1km training run.

    • Four months from scratch. Though I’m sure it’s very individual. I probably should have trained some more, but I also think the race gave me a boost to keep training afterwards. The last mile I was walking/running… And a woman my mother’s age kept shouting “come on you can do it”, so at least I did a sprint at the end. In that way you can get some help from fellow runners, and the crowd. Good luck!

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