The Granny Diet

Three days onThe Granny Diet and I’ve lost 2 kg. That’s hard to believe. I don’t think I’ve really lost fat, but I’ve lost the so-called “bloat” that some girls are always yammering about; as in “I get so bloated if I eat pizza”. Turns out they were… just a little bit right. So not really weight loss, but still a couple of kilos I don’t have to carry on my run. Which made today’s run with Marathonsport more enjoyable than ever. I’ve eaten tons of rye bread and whole grain spaghetti, so there’s no shortage of carbohydrates. Just no sugar and white flour. It seems too easy.

My pulse hit 182 today, so I’m approaching my statistical max pulse of 185. Which makes sense.

_MG_3592I’ve also picked out my original “Neo” shoes from the closet. I haven’t been using them because they look so nice and new (really), but after a run today, I feel they are better than all my other shoes. The shape is simply wide and narrow in the right places, and the soles are completely flat also through the arch, which is very rare. The ones that I like are with the breathable mesh, and they are no longer available through their web shop, so I’m seriously considering buying another two pairs off Amazon. I admit it is a little crazy, and there might be some mind-blowing new model out that I just haven’t tried (VivoBarefoot The One, Altra Samson). But If they fit perfectly, why not just stick to it?

I’ve also hit a new monthly mileage record of 112 km, and decided to ditch running tights. All the cool dudes run in shorts.


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