Just another 21.1km training run.

ImageThis photo is taken just 8 hours after the start of Copenhagen Marathon. Not all places are as squeaky clean as this, but I’m still impressed with how they have cleaned up. No new records were set this time, but then again the rain made for some slippery streets. I had a great marathon experience, mainly because I was watching instead of running it.

The race was won by the Morroccan Rachid Kirsi (2:17:22) who looked great through the race, and the third price and the Danish championship by Henrik Them Andersen (2:18:00).  Danish runner Anne-Mette Aagaard won the ladies’ race flat out with 2:44:12. Not a bad effort, considering the race record is 2:14:16 / 2:30:51. It’s not the fastest route, but varied and picturesque, and will probably be my first marathon.

I was so inspired I went out and did another half marathon training run. My time was 2:08, which is about the right training tempo for me. My PR is 1:57 and I hope to improve it soon. The last three km’s were hard. I find it easier to run fast when I’m not alone. I feel like I’m on my way to make 21km “just another long run”. My plan is to slowly get used to this distance, and build from there to 30km, where most people hit the proverbial wall. From there, my plan is to build up well for a marathon, without hitting the wall harder than I can take. I don’t want to make a fool of myself and start walking long stretches like I did in my first half marathon. At least that’s the idea.

On a different note, I found this video of one of the worlds best marathoners, Moses Mosop. Most people know him as the guy who was running right behind when Mutai set his unofficial world record in Boston in 2011. Mosop has a very distinct running style with a clear forefoot landing, and looks to almost floating through the air. He is one of the elite runners with the shortest time on the ground in his gait cycle (eg. more air time). I don’t think one should necessarily try to copy his style, but to me, just watching it makes me want to run fast.


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