Training injuries reveal stuff?

copenhagen-marathon-188Copenhagen Marathon is tomorrow, and I will be watching the run-up on the nearest computer. I so want to be running next time, but for now I’m sticking to half marathons.

I also read an interesting article in Runner’s World suggesting that training injuries can give a hint at what you’re doing wrong. Basically, according to a study from Aarhus University, runner’s knee, and some other knee-injuries are related to high mileage, while problems like achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis might be more related to speed. I think minimal- and barefoot runners tend to get the “too fast”-associated injuries, even if the problem is running too far. At least I’ve had some achilles problems in the past and I know for sure that I wasn’t running too fast. ;-) The study concerns heel strikers anyway. It seems like a useful piece of running science, if it holds up.


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