Sprinting can be fun

ImageKastellet is a star-shaped fortress in Copenhagen, close to the famous statue of the little mermaid. There’s no actual fortress besides the earth walls and the moat, but strolling along those walls can be a nice break from urban life. And it’s a nice place to run, if you don’t mind running on gravel.

And speaking of variation, trying to run 5k as fast as you can two times a week is a recipe for getting bored. So today I decided to do some sprints. I’m not a fast sprinter, but I define sprinting more in terms of mode than speed. I always feel very light and fast when sprinting, and it’s not at all painful like running a 5k. I feel a bit like a madman running past people like that, but I try not to be so self conscious. Accelerating can feel a bit heavy, but as soon as I’m up there I feel like a boat planing, at least for a short while.

KastelletI am a bit curious as to how fast I’m actually running, because the GPS is not accurate enough to capture a 100-150m sprint. While the sprinting was mostly just fun, what I was happy about today is that I managed to keep an OK pace between the intervals.

I sprinted the straight sides, and jogged the “starfish arms”. I’ll definitely do this again, maybe alternated with slightly longer intervals, like 400m. For some reason I almost never do any anaerobic training. Maybe my legs will remind me why tomorrow. I’m resting till Monday anyway. There’s no group training, so I’ll probably try to do a long run, 14k or so.


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