5k in the sun, and losing weight by running

Finished just below 25 minutes today, which is OK. It was a bit warm, and I felt a bit lazy, but otherwise a beautiful run. Sunny weather makes a huge difference.

Also i have lost 3kg this spring. I haven’t been running because I’ve been ill, and what strikes me now is that it’s almost impossible for me to lose weight by running. The short version is that running makes me hungry, and that I probably have an efficient metabolism.

There seems to be a general consensus that running is a great way to lose weight. It’s never been the case for me. I’ve lost weight (on purpose) once in my life, and that was by not eating candy and white bread for four months, and I lost 13kg. But I always put on weight when I exercise, even if I eat sensibly. Funny, I have never heard anybody else describe this…

Word up.


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