Sleepy head

I was supposed to test my 5k shape last Saturday, and my goal was to get below 25 minutes. I finished at just under 18 minutes! I found it a bit strange that I had improved so much without even training, but then I realized I had just run 4 km… So it’s still a decent time for me, but I felt a bit stupid. Still managed to get 5 km under 25 minutes, though.

Today I was out with the Marathonsport gang and my pulse peaked at 180 bpm, so my max pulse is not 176. I’ll just keep monitoring to get an accurate number.

Also, I’ve taken out the insoles of my Vivobarefoot Evo‘s. Not to increase ground feel but to get some more space for my foot. This is the way it goes, I’ve heard. You start with a pair of Nike Free’s and before you know it you’re running barefoot in winter and eating chia seeds. On the other hand I have bought a pair of Mizuno Musha shoes which is a bit of a step in the opposite direction. They’re not as good a fit as Vivobarefoot, but they are comfy, and fun to run fast in.

Image of Mizuno Musha 4

Image stolen from

Since I’ve become a father my taste in music has changed a bit. I like humor in music more. I usually play this song while stretching out.


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