Spontaneous half marathon

BilledeThis was supposed to be a casual stroll along the harbour, but ended up as a 21.1 km run. The weather was just so beautiful. I’ve been reading about pulse zones and wanted to explore how different pulse rates feel when running.

I tried to test my max pulse on Monday, and peaked at 175, which I think may be a bit too low, but then I’ve never been good at pushing myself beyond the comfort zone. So that task is not quite finished.

Todays quest was to see what an easy run (or recovery run) feels like, and how many BPM’s I average at when I’m running slow, at about 6 min/km.

The answer is 140-150 bpm, and that is a level where running costs me very little, a part from my legs getting tired after an hour or so. As soon as i hit 155 – 160 bpm or so, it’s more of an uptempo run. It’s more fun and more comfortable at the higher speed, actually, but I also get tired much quicker. So now I have an idea about what my pulse watch can tell me.

I am starting to get ideas of running a full Marathon.


Time stands still at Sejlklubben Frem. I always slow down here. It feels respectless to run past a group of sailors drinking beers and fixing their wooden boats. Wrong mood.


Had to stop for carbohydrates.


My NB Minimus are just too narrow. Got a blister on my big toe. Since they look so good, I’ll wear them as a casual shoe instead. VivoBarefoots are about the only shoes that fit my hobbit feet.


A fellow runner. “Dyrehaven” is something as rare as a cultivated natural forest. There are a couple of thousand deer, fallen trees and grassy fields, along with roads, riding lanes, an amusement park and a golf course. And there are cannonball marathons being held here.



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