So, finally I’m safely back in the saddle on the horse that is my three weekly runs. Today I ran in shorts and t-shirt for the first time this year, and it feels a lot simpler and nicer than tights and a sweaty windbreaker.

Bliv løber for livetI bought a book on running by former 800m athlete Rikke Rønholt. It’s called “Bliv løber for livet” (Become a lifetime runner). While it looks very glossy and pink, it’s actually quite simple and to the point. I agree with the main thesis, which is that people have to find their own reason to run, and the right level of ambition. From there it’s a lot easier to find motivation.The author has competed at international level, but at the same time she seems to have a balanced attitude to career and life. I like that she writes very honestly about her own career and the choices she made, leaving it up to the reader to draw their own conclusions.

All in all a good book except for the girly design. The book is in Danish only.

For me, what’s most important about running is to keep the habit, even if that means progressing slowly. The only way I can keep on is if I enjoy it. While it’s fun to plan race tactics and see it come together on race day, a nice, comfortable run on an average weekday is just as satisfying.

Oh and BTW the title of this post is misleading, I was about to complain about Runkeeper on Android not “keeping” my runs very well. All of March and April was deleted with the last update. Plus it keeps reminding me to work out. I’m sure I could turn that function off, it’s just that I don’t want to spend my precious time adjusting the settings. Whatever happened to keeping things simple? Luckily I have a good GPS watch I can use instead.


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