Snow and such


Ridiculously beautiful, even with my crappy phone camera.

So just updating on my last three runs. The first one was the best. I was home in Norway last week, so I got to run my old routes again. Wow what a ride. Even though it took me ten minutes longer than usual because of all the snow, it’s just so wonderful to get out into the nature like that. Might go for a trip in Dyrehaven here in Copenhagen when spring comes around.

The next two runs were just sort of average. Copenhagen after dark with a bit of slippery slush on the roads.

My ambition is to get back to running three 7km+ runs a week, like I did last fall. I really improved then.


Viva Vivobarefoot! Their trail shoes are awesome for these conditions!


Running Redemption


Back in the saddle I am. Just a couple of short runs, but at least I’ve already beat January! I just love running. Soon my summer shoes can be put to use again.

BTW I’m playing Red Dead Redemption, hence the cowboy metaphores. I like Rockstar Games’ epic storylines, but IMHO their games are simply too long. I don’t have time for long games anymore.


January’s mileage: 8 km. I’ve had a mean cold all month, and the couple of runs I’ve been on just made me more ill. Although it was quite nice to get to some real forest in Oskarshamn.

February first, and I’m back in the saddle. Though I really feel rusty.