I’ve caught the flu, followed by a regular cold. Since new years eve I’ve just been on a single run (which I’m pretty sure made me even sicker). On the other hand I got this espresso machine for Christmas. I look forward to going running again…


New years eve half marathon


Finally managed to beat my half marathon record. I ran 1:57:27 yesterday, and that is three minutes faster than spring 2011. It was a family oriented race, so the road was full of children from five and up running 2k and 5k.


Psychologically this was great, because it helped me to take it easy the first 10k. On the other hand I was running zig zag… For me it worked out well yesterday, because I’ve had problems with keeping slow pace in the beginning. Hopefully there are some new records ahead.

It felt like I was going faster and faster, but I was actually going
more or less the same tempo through the race.

It was also my first half-marathon in minimal shoes. While overall it was a positive experience, I must admit my calves are extra sore today. It felt good though.

The route consisted of four 5 km laps and a 1.1 km extra lap at the end. I really liked that, because it makes it easier to plan the race, visualize, and take one lap at the time. The last km was just a joy.

Restitution with champagne. Happy new year, bloggers, runners and everybody else!