Running Hits

IMAG1203What a day! I won a quiz today for the first time ever. The question was “What is the Danish national record on the marathon distance.” I knew it was somewhere around 2:10, because I remember that the Norwegian record is around 2:10, and the Danish is slightly better (annoyingly), so I said 2:10, and it turns out I was only 17 seconds off. The record is 2:09,43 and it was set by Henrik Jørgensen in London 1985. It’s a bit odd that these record are so old. The Norwegian one, 2:10.17 (Geir Kvernmo) is from around 1987. Hopefully the big running wave will bring some new records.

And look what I won! Music for running. I now own a Compact Disc with such refined artists as Pitbull and Swedish House Mafia. I’ll definitely keep it as a memory of another great evening with the mixed group of runners who meet at the shoe shop every monday. Did I say we got gingerbread too? And all we had to do was run and do split jumps until we almost puked.


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