My shins ache a bit so I turned home after 1,5 km. The suspects are:

1: Compression socks. Everybody says they work, but I don’t like them. Lately I’ve had a bit of shin pain when wearing them. They’re out.

2: Ice. When running on ice I tense up to maximize stability. I could probably get used to it, but I’m thinking about getting some ice cleats (spikes). On the other hand, there’s a limit to how much gear I want lying around.

3: My weight. I love food, but I would have more fun running if I was about 6 kg lighter. January = diet.

4: The Monday running sessions with Marathon Sport are sometimes a bit too hard on my legs. I haven’t been sprinting since 1998, and I feel it for a few days. I still think it’s good for me though. Maybe it’s what I need to move on. See point 3 for possible quick fix.

All in all I’m happy I got out there and ran a couple of km. And the view was great, with the snow and all.


Wool isn't cool. But that's the whole point.


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