Running Hits

IMAG1203What a day! I won a quiz today for the first time ever. The question was “What is the Danish national record on the marathon distance.” I knew it was somewhere around 2:10, because I remember that the Norwegian record is around 2:10, and the Danish is slightly better (annoyingly), so I said 2:10, and it turns out I was only 17 seconds off. The record is 2:09,43 and it was set by Henrik Jørgensen in London 1985. It’s a bit odd that these record are so old. The Norwegian one, 2:10.17 (Geir Kvernmo) is from around 1987. Hopefully the big running wave will bring some new records.

And look what I won! Music for running. I now own a Compact Disc with such refined artists as Pitbull and Swedish House Mafia. I’ll definitely keep it as a memory of another great evening with the mixed group of runners who meet at the shoe shop every monday. Did I say we got gingerbread too? And all we had to do was run and do split jumps until we almost puked.


Running on snow

Powder snow on top of hard packed snow is really slippery. Not ‘fall and break something’ slippery, but still. It’s really hard to keep a decent pace. 8k took 52 minutes.

I also think I found at least one reason why my shins ached: When I run on slippery surfaces my feet sort of slip backwards at toe-off. If I try to compensate for that by lifting the foot off more flat (don’t ask me why I do that) I somehow tense the muscles on my shins. Funny how weird little habits sneak in.

Anyway today it’s raining, so the fairytale is over for now.


I’d usually fell bad about skipping a run. But if I have to choose between baby swimming with my daughter and a run, the choice is obvious. Also I have so many concerts that it’s hard to find the time. The good news is I got to swim a few laps, and I’m really motivated to lose a few kilos. Looks like I might be able to squeeze in a run Thursday. Still lots of snow in Copenhagen.

BTW if you hate to get up early to run, read this article from Runner’s World and feel sorry for yourself.

Happy trails.


My shins ache a bit so I turned home after 1,5 km. The suspects are:

1: Compression socks. Everybody says they work, but I don’t like them. Lately I’ve had a bit of shin pain when wearing them. They’re out.

2: Ice. When running on ice I tense up to maximize stability. I could probably get used to it, but I’m thinking about getting some ice cleats (spikes). On the other hand, there’s a limit to how much gear I want lying around.

3: My weight. I love food, but I would have more fun running if I was about 6 kg lighter. January = diet.

4: The Monday running sessions with Marathon Sport are sometimes a bit too hard on my legs. I haven’t been sprinting since 1998, and I feel it for a few days. I still think it’s good for me though. Maybe it’s what I need to move on. See point 3 for possible quick fix.

All in all I’m happy I got out there and ran a couple of km. And the view was great, with the snow and all.


Wool isn't cool. But that's the whole point.

I love snow


I can always tell if I've been running fast by the amount of mud on my back.

Nothing beats the kind silent, calm feeling of the first snow. Suddenly I can run without the windbreaker that always gets damp. Some people complain about running in the cold but I sincerely can not understand how anyone can find a couple of minus degrees celsius uncomfortable. If you are used to cross country skiing it’s basically the same thing. Unless you run really fast, like I did Monday with the Marathon Sport free training. 2 minute,1 minute and 30 sec intervals. That was almost too hard, as heavy breathing can be harder in minus degrees. Today was just an easy four and a half km’s. Legs hurt a bit from Monday. Anyway I love snow.