When in Rome


We had a great trip to Rome, but I didn’t get to run in the Villa Borghese, unfortunately. We walked around like the crazy tourists we were, and when we came home at night we could hardly stay awake until the restaurants opened. So I just told myself that walking 6+ hours a day was enough exercise. I can definitely recommend Rome off-season.

This week was good. Monday I ran with the shoe shop guys, Wednesday I ran a new record 5k, or rather 4.8 but would have been a record, and today I ran 9k in easy tempo, about 5:30/km, and it just felt good. Can’t wait till Monday, and before then I have a concert and lots of fun stuff.




After an amazing but tiring day with my daughter it felt good to let loose on the road tonight. My next run will be in Rome! I look forward to the (relative) heat. Pictured above is my home made franken-running jacket. I took an old vintage styled running jacket, cut out the cotton lining and glued a lot of reflective band on it. I made holes under the arms too. It’s very comfortable and light. I am going to get a new winter running jacket though, because visibility is still not great with a black jacket. I hate black running clothes.




Actually saw a guy maintaining this old thing. The sign means Union Coal. I have no idea what they do in there, but it will most definitely be the crime scene when I write a crime novel.


Today I didn’t feel like going fast or far. I got out the door a bit late, and only had 45 minutes until work. Midway into the run I got really hungry. And the usually deserted Nordhavnen was crowded with trailers, so you could hardly breathe.

All I all a pretty lousy run, but at least I got in a few kilometres. And my legs were just tired from Monday’s training so I don’t take it so hard.

400 meters

I’ve been out playing with the Marathon Sport team again. We were running 400 meters at Østerbro Stadium. My best time was 1:26. I can’t remember my times from 1995, so for now, this is my unofficial PB.

When stretching afterwards I could definitely feel I had been using different muscles than usual. Today totally brought back memories of competing with my pals during gym class.

And it feels good that I’m done adapting to minimal shoes. Now I’m adapting to running instead, in which running economy and injury prevention plays a smaller part.

But first I’m going to “adapt to” roasted chicken stuffed with butter and tarragon. Yum.

400m laps (one minute break):


200 m laps (one minute break):



I love my new schedule. Ran 5 km today, well under 5 min/km. I am pretty sure running intervals is making me faster. Can’t wait till next run…

I think it also helps that with a little baby in the house, I have to negotiate for every minute I get to spend on running. So time I precious. Typically I run to work and back, to save the transport time.

Free group training

Great trip today. First I ran 5 km’s along Søerne, then I joined up with the group from the shop ‘Marathon Sport’ for some intervals. Twice a week you can meet up in front of the shop and go for a run. It was astonishing how much faster I can run with a group.

or a total of 16 minutes I could easily maintain a 04:15 pace, which is a lot faster than my  regular interval pace. Will definitely go again, and I’m thinking about joining the running club Sparta. But first I’ll do the free training for a while.

Finished with a couple of km to top up this somewhat irregular long run, 12 km in all.