OK I should have tried this before. Seems like having a training plan lets you get the most out of running. Great trip today, and after just two sessions of intervals it feels easier to go fast. he week started badly with a tempo run well below tempo, then an interval session with heavy legs (both runs with a backpack, I should add). And then a great 10k today. I had a good deal of extra energy at the end, and it just felt light and good. I’m heading towards the best running month ever, and I haven’t even worked that hard for it. Planning can be a good thing.

Also, according to coach Jay Johnson’s lecture (mentioned in an earlier post), it’s good not to drop too low in tempo, as that changes your efficiency. I can really feel that when I’m running. It’s also by his recommendation, and that of a team of Norwegian scientists at NTNU, that I stick to the 1km (or approx. 4min) intervals. 800 meters can be good too, but doesn’t improve results as much.


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