Fartlek Friday, anyone?

Sometimes it’s great to have a running blog. Yesterday I read my old posts, and saw one post where I happily stated I could take an easy run every day, and one post asking why I wasn’t getting any better? Then I googled around a bit, and found this video:

The title says it all. Of course I learned again what I’ve always known and never really practised: There is a perfect time to go for the next run. And now I have a catchy graph to picture in my mind, while I’m making a training schedule. I always get so fired up every time I run, that I inevitably go for a run the next day. And the next. And the next. And then I rest for a week or more. What would coach Jay Johnson say? No, no! So I read up a bit on training schedules and I’ve made my own, which is like this.

Tempo Tuesday. (Comfortable distance, MUST be run at race tempo.)

Tough Thursday. Intervals. Four times 1km, at 90% of max pulse, active rest.

Satisfying Saturday. The longer the better.

And the rest is rest. Hopefully this will get me in shape. I think this concludes my endeavours to adapt to minimal shoes. From now on it’s a little bit more about progress and results.

I started today with a big success. My race tempo is 05:00/km and after 5km averaged at 05:01! The trick is to learn to know and love this tempo as “my” tempo.

Comments on how to build a better training schedule are welcome!



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