Runkeeper congratulates me with a new record! 1 km in 4 seconds! The real record however, was “farthest distance ran before the GPS finds its location.” Unfortunately.

The good news is I can now go for a (short) run every day without injuring myself. It’s taken me over a year to get here. Until now I’ve always taken a full day’s restitution between runs, or paid the price in sore legs. This makes things easier. And I feel more and more secure in the minimal shoes. I am a little sorry that I didn’t run barefoot more this summer when I had the chance.

Also I’ve started playing with intervals again. My system is to jog along at a comfortable pace. Whenever I feel like it, i run fast for about 30 seconds. And then back to the slow tempo. My slow tempo is at about 5:30/km and the fast is at about 3:00/km. This is a lot faster than I can run a km, but still feels comfortable, and more important: Fun.

I am going to alternate with some longer intervals, ideally a km at about 4:00 min/km. But I’m not there yet. Anyway my ideal half marathon race pace is at about 5:00 at this point.


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