Running in Chuck Taylors

Earlier this year I went for a run in my Converse knock-offs, and a couple of guys shouted laughing as they ran past me “Running in Converse? That’s brave”. Just seconds later one of them took a wrong step in his running shoes and hurt his ankle. The other guy had to help him walk. What a coincidence! I don’t believe in Karma, but just to be on the safe side, I’ll never laugh at anybody’s shoes ever.

I just remembered when I saw this video about running in Converse All Stars on Runner’s World’s Facebook page. Shoe nerds taking a walk on the wild side. I love the soundtrack. Rock and roll!


And I just rounded 500 Km since I started using Runkeeper last october. So just under a year! I Might go shoe shopping again, just to celebrate my awesome but humble achievement.


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