Rainstorms and GPS & A marathon a day

I have been reading “Marathonmagasinet“, a magazine sold my local shop. It comes out twice a year, and I strongly recommend it! Lots of race reports, and focused on the Marathon Distance. I also like that they write about Danish athletes, so you know what is going on. IMO other running magazines write too much about the international top athletes we already know, and running gear. Yawn.

Anyway, there was an article about a Annette Fredskov, who is going to run 366 marathons in a year.  She arranges races through her website every day when there are no other marathons. So the old “I just couldn’t make it that day” doesn’t work until June 2013, if you live near Copenhagen. Every day is a possibility for a spontaneous marathon.

There’s been lots of rain lately. My GPS hardly works. Also I accidentally turned on some sort of auto pause function on the Garmin 305, which goes bananas when the satellite reception is bad, i.e. stops and starts all the time. Runkeeper doesn’t recognize it, so it’s all a mess. Luckily I don’t care so much. But I need to turn it off if I want to enter any of the small local marathons where you time yourself.

BTW Here’s one I’m contemplating: Skodsborg Marathon. There’s something so romantic about a bunch of lunatics running around for hours in the forest, drinking sodas and eating bananas. To me it’s the perfect way to run your first marathon. The only bad thing is, because there are so many races, it’s always easy to postpone it.





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