New shoes

I felt quite extravagant today, as I went to she shop and paid full price for a pair of Minimus Zero Trail shoes from New Balance. Full price here is 1000 DKK (174 USD/135 EUR), which is 130% of Amazon price. Ouch.

Twist and shout!

But then on the other hand I got to try them, and seven other shoes, and ended up buying a completely different shoe than I had looked at on the web. So I saved myself from paying for the return of some shoes. I also tried the Brooks Pure connect. It did something cool with my gait, and it felt nice. Somehow it makes landing midfoot very easy, because the sole is harder or thicker there. Nice but too weird for me.

NB “Minimus Zero Road”, Inov8 “Bare X-Lite”, and all the Merrell “Barefoot” models were simply to narrow for me, which is a problem, especially if the sole is too structured. Mizuno Musha 4 was an exception, and I’m still thinking of getting a pair of those. It’s a lot less shoe than it looks like.

Then I put on the Minimus Zero Trail, and was surprised at how great it felt. Coming from Vivobarefoot, the extra cushioning is nice, the fit is great, and the holey sole flexes more like a stiff sock than a shoe. And the seventies look is not a drawback.

Looks a bit like a football shoe. (That’s soccer, to those who play football with their hands.)

And they’re light. When I got the box at the store, I thought it was empty at first.


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