The city by the factory

Esbjerg’s official tagline is “The city by the ocean”. In between the ocean and the town however, there’s about 1km of harbour and industrial area you’d have to traverse to actually get to the sea. I enjoy seeing a functional, living port more than most, but this is too much even for me. It’s not a boatyard, but inaccessible, smelly industry. If you want to also enjoy the sea, you’d have to walk three km’s North-West or take a ferry to Fanø.

If I was a city planner here I would move that harbour three km’s to the west, build a stunning beach promenade (there are great natural beaches here) and make all the Dutch and German tourists pay for it. It’s probably not that simple, but still: See the image above. My starting point is at the end of the main commercial street.

I took it nice and slow today. Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time, or I would have gotten to see some more nature. I did however see an enormous storage of windmill parts. They look pretty awesome up close.

Will be nice to get home to Copenhagen after a month on the road. I miss cooking.


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