Micah True

NY times piece on the death of Micah True, also known as “Caballo Blanco”. Famous from Born to run. I found the link at “Running and rambling“, one of my favorite blogs.




Ran to the beach today to pick up my bike, which I forgot there yesterday. Also, got to have a look at my friend’s boat at the dock. For me running is not about fitness, or even health, really. It’s simply a great way to see new stuff and experience the world. And as always, it’s more fun without GPS…


Fresh air

Ironically, the air feels cleaner running around a big industrial compound than it does in the city’s many parks. Today I found a new route to the beach, traversing the power plant Svanemølleverket and a small boat dock.

The beach was swarming with school kids. Their mating games brought back some nice memories from puberty, although I must say I don’t envy them their stress levels. Better to take off my shoes and run barefoot a bit of the way back. The greatest privilege of getting older is you stop caring what people think about you. I really enjoy that more and more. Chubby barefoot guy with a big smile, that’s me.

I ran there in 17 minutes had a 10 minute bath and ran back in 16.

Today’s selection of running shoes.

Summer running

Most excellent run ever! Just ran 2km to the beach, had a swim, and then ran back. Feels good not to have icicles on my face for once. Man, this has been a cold winter. And last summer rained away. It was actually the rainiest summer in Copenhagen since they started measuring. In other words: rainy.

I felt like I was in a shoe commercial. New Balance, not North Face. And speaking of shoes, I put on my old Dart 8’s intent on doing some good old heelstriking. Seems I’m not able to run comfortably the old way anymore, I switched to forefoot landing after a few hundred meters.

I’m thinking of running a bit more without GPS. Copenhagen Marathon was yesterday, and thou I envy their determination (and post run beer), I’m very happy running short and comfortably.

Seems like I’ve missed posting a few runs. Going to put a few GPS links here. Soon.

Happy running, everybody.