The hill

Encountered a pretty steep hill. The peak is not the top, it’s where I gave up and turned around. The landscape here in Sunnmøre, Norway is pretty hostile. But beautiful. (Tourist pic below). Believe me, those mountains look bigger in real life.

Nice tempo, all things considered. Might try to go a bit deeper into the woods next time. Running here is twice as good as at home.


Salmon, white whine, cream, fettuccine…

My mantra for the run today was also my shopping list. Made an tasty sauce with green peas, mustard, white wine, cream, fresh dill, ground pepper and smoked salmon. No need for salt, the salmon was plenty salty. Yummy.

Just under 5km, very nice run, and decent tempo.


4 °C and too cold to run barefoot this morning. But nevertheless a great morning for running. And I’m back to running every day.

I generally have a problem with addiction. I’ll start something new, get all fired up and manic about it, but when I can’t keep up with my initial ambition I quit. It’s a common personality type I guess. But running seems to be a bit more steady than than, even though my mileage is very uneven. Soon I can call it a habit.

Barefoot again and it feels good.

After the weekend’s bad race I’ve been really down when thinking about running. Luckily spring has finally come to Copenhagen, and I ran in shorts and t-shirt today, like I have been dreaming about all winter. After a short, fast run I took off my shoes and ran another mile. That will be my third “barefoot run”. (I’ve ran barefoot before I knew it was a thing, of course.) I ran on a patch of new pavement. It felt absolutely great. I think I might start to do it more often, maybe as a warm-up. 

And I’m still onthe fence about buying a couple of racing flats. If minimal feels good, why buy shoes with more sole? On the other hand, I might want some protection for longer runs. Well, for now it’s minimal shoes.

Low ambition – guaranteed success.

Ran the “Nike Marathon Test 3” in Copenhagen yesterday. It is a half marathon. Terrible race for me. I felt beat up, tired and dehydrated. I was passed by the young guys, then the ladies, the elderly and the “funny walks”. I came in at 2:11 with the guys who were just warming for a marathon.

The good part was I felt no pain in my Achilles tendon or any other place, I was able to keep good form all the way, and all in all it was an enjoyable run. Except for my hurt pride.

Note to self: Put a windbreaker on if it’s anywhere near cold.

Now I deserve some new shoes.