Nice run to work and back with my backpack bouncing about. I’m starting to look at running packs too. Something that will hold water and documents without giving me a sore neck.



Enjoyed my run a lot today. My girlfriend filmed me running at about 4:30min/km. I look more relaxed than I thought, which is a good thing.

The video is recorded on a cell phone (hence the weird slim screen format) & edited in OpenShot, a free, open source video editor for Linux. Not a professional tool, but a simple program for basic video editing. You can even optimize the video for e.g. Youtube or Vimeo through the export menu. Works with Ubuntu after installing a package called libavformat-extra.

All of which reminds me I have to watch Chariots of Fire again. Haven’t seen it since I started running.

Less is more.

Snowshoes. Only wearable in deep snow! Exactly like the Neo Trail. A great shoe for winter conditions.

Days like today are the reason I keep running. Light legs and lots of slower runners around to make me feel good.

I took out my Vivobarefoot Evo‘s from last year, and after a winter of running in snowshoes (Neo Trail) they feel so light and quick. I’ve decided not to go and buy the new NB Minimus Zero Road shoe. Respecting their slogan Less is more, I I’ll simply use the shoes I already have. Besides the EVO’s have less cushioning, and are thus more “educational” than the Minimus.