Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail

Vivobarefoot Breath O Trail

Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail, coming spring 2012.

I just found this on RunnersWorlds Facebook page. Apparently it’s next year’s Vivobarefoot trail shoe. I had a look at the current Neo Trail in the shop a couple of weeks ago, and they felt really nice, I imagine thay are awesome out in the woods. (Maple Grove Barefoot Guy’s review of the original Neo Trail here.)

But my feet are warm even when it’s freezing, so I’m afraid that the tight mesh is not for me. Besides, I don’t mind getting wet so much. It might be a good winter shoe, but definitely too warm for summer, at least for me. This is a more breathable (and hopefully lighter) version of the trail shoe. I love the look.

Update: I found this image while surfing today. I just can’t wait!


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