Where did the fanny pack go?

Illustration by BGM Illustrations

Traditional fanny pack.

Back in 1990 I was sporting a fanny pack, listening to Snap, and generally being a very hip ten year old boy. Then the fanny pack disappeared. Only homeless people would be seen wearing one. When it came back around it was more or less as a practical joke. People would wear it as an edgy fashion accessory, most likely empty.

I want to bring a minimal water bottle, a cellphone, biscuits, and my keys for my run, all strapped around my waist, preferably locked as tight as possible. Sometimes I even want to bring my camera. All they offer at my running shop are belts with specialized compartments for energy gels (I’ll never eat that) and water bottles big enough for a double marathon, and a compartment with room for one key. I realize running with a camera is a weird thing to do, but am I really the only one?

In my humble opinion, the fanny pack is due for a comeback. Maybe not as a fashion item, but at least on the trail.


One thought on “Where did the fanny pack go?

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